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Range of exercises.

Pull-ups and dips are some of the most effective exercises for building muscle and strength.

These exclusive wall-mounted Pull-Up and Dip Bars make sure you can include the most essential bodyweight workouts in your fitness routine, now in your own compact homegym.

fit guy exercising on wall mounted chin up bar

Back and Bicep Exercises:

Pull-ups are the most effective bodyweight exercise for training the big muscles of the back and the biceps. It is especially effective because it requires you to lift the entire body as opposed to other bodyweight exercises. You can choose to put more emphasize on the back muscles by doing wide grip pull-ups or on the biceps by doing chin ups. Since it is a compound movement you even work out triceps, shoulders, chest and more.

Athlete doing dips at home

Chest and Tricep Exercises:

Just like pull-ups, dips are compound exercises that require lifting the entire body. As opposed to pull-ups (pulling exercises), dips are a pushing exercise. Dips target primarily the triceps (comprising ~60% of arm muscle mass), the lower part of the chest and the front of the shoulders. Workout intensity can be increased by adding a weight vest or ankle weights. New to dips? Use elastic bands to reduce resistance and help get your first dip.

Knee raises on fryction pull-up and dip bar

Core Exercises:

While there are hundreds of core workouts, hanging leg or knee raises are some of the most effective core workouts. In addition to working out your core, leg or knee raises also train the hip flexors, forearms and even train stabilizing muscles in the back. A strong core helps your posture and protects your back when lifting heavier weights.

Amazing features.

The Pull-Up & Dip Bar is designed to bring the fitness experience to your home without compromising your home decor. This aesthetically pleasing and elegant piece of workout equipment bundles the most effective bodyweight exercises in a compact and storeable product.

Wooden pull up bar matching floor


Exclusive and elegant design with premium, high quality materials.

Girl doing chin ups exercise at home


To be done anywhere around the house with the possibility of adding various accessories.

Home gym workout equipment in home decor


Having two seperate frames makes storage convenient.

Designed to suit any interior.

Beautifully designed fitness equipment made of neutral colors and materials that blend well with any interior, made with high-quality materials and a combination of aesthetic shapes and multifunctional features.

Person switching from dip to pull up exercise

Easy Installation and storage

The Fryction® Pull-Up & Dip Bar only needs one safety wall anchor each, which makes it easy to take off the wall and store within seconds.

Beautiful living room with great interior design

Change your environment

Install in whatever locations are most convenient for you.

Person hiding portable pull up bar

Cover it

The support elements are designed to cover easily.

How it works.

Made with patented technology, the Fryction® Pull-Up & Dip Bar uses body weight as a structural element. The wear-resistant pads provide stability to the Pull-Up and Dip Bars, allowing for the removal of the bar between the two handles. This feature allows you to have an elegant and compact fitness equipment, where you can easily change the handle positions.

Person exercises on patented pull up bar

Patented technology

The moment you exert a downward force on the handles, the frames lock into position and stabilize from your bodyweight. This elegant method of suspension is the only way to eliminate the connective bar that characterizes conventional pull-up bars.

Wear resistant friction pads by Fryction

Wear resistant friction pads

The friction pads ensure the stability of the frame by transfering an even pressure to the wall. This ensures the wall from being damaged while the inert material prevents leaving scuff marks.

Multi grip handle bar

Switching handlebar position

Simply slide and snap the handlebars on the frame to the position of your choice. Pointing the handlebars away from the wall enables dipping exercises and hammer grip pull-ups. The horizontal positions cover all pull-up exercises.

Patented technology

The moment you exert a downward force on the handles, the frames lock into position and stabilize from your bodyweight.


Do all essential upperbody and core workouts like pull-ups, dips, leg raises and connect a suspension trainer to do more bodyweight workouts.

Designed to suit any interior

The Pull-Up & Dip Bar blends well with any interior due to its minimalist design and materials. Made of high-quality materials that match any interior.

Configuration of your choice
  • Customize wood color
  • Support element color
Save valuable space
  • Easy to take off the wall
  • Stored in seconds
  • Small size of 42x22x17 cm
  • Weighs only 8 kg
  • Multifunctional handle bars
  • Certified safety anchors
  • Quick mount hook for support elements
  • High quality and durable materials