Wall-Mounted Pull-Up & Dip Bar

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A wall-mounted pull-up and dip bar for bodyweight training at home. Do all essential upper body & core workouts – Stored in seconds – Patent pending technology. Only suitable for concrete and solid stone load-bearing walls.

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Pull-ups and dips are some of the most effective exercises for building muscle and strength.
These exclusive Wall-Mounted Pull-Up and Dip Bars make sure you can include the most essential bodyweight workouts in your fitness routine, now in your own compact homegym.

Made with patented technology, the Fryction® Pull-Up & Dip Bar uses body weight as a structural element. The wear-resistant pads provide stability to the Pull-Up and Dip Bars, allowing for the removal of the bar between the two handles. This feature allows you to have an elegant and compact fitness equipment, where you can easily change the handle positions.

Find out more about the benefits of the Pull-Up & Dip Bar here.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know my wall is suitable for the Fryction® Pull-Up & Dip Bar?

  • By knocking on the wall you can easily hear the difference between a load-bearing wall and for example a stud wall or plaster wall. If the knock sounds solid this is likely a load-bearing wall. You can compare the sound with different walls around the house.
  • Check the architectural drawings of your apartment / or ask your landlord.
  • Check the thickness of the wall. A load-bearing wall should at least have a thickness of 10 cm.
  • Still not sure? You can try to drill a tiny hole or hammer a nail somewhere inconspicuous in the wall. If the drill doesn’t go in or the nail bends, your wall is probably concrete.

How many Support Elements do I need?

  • One set (two Support Elements) = One position – Pull-ups OR dips
  • Two sets (four Support Elements) = Two positions – Pull-ups AND dips
  • More sets = Working out at multiple locations

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 31 × 46 × 17 cm
Wood Color

Walnut, Oak

Support Elements

Silver (2 sets), Black (2 sets), Silver (1 set), Black (1 set)

Max load

120 kg (Total set)

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