Installation kit for Fryction® Pull-Up & Dip Bar

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Not sure which drills to use? We’ve already selected the right ones for you.
We recommend using the SDS+ drill bit set, although you’ll need to make sure your hammer drill supports this type of drill.
If it doesn’t, the normal shank drill type can still be your second choice.

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Why do I need an 8mm drill as well?

  • When drilling the 12mm hole, it is adviced to drill a smaller hole first (pilot hole). This will not only make drilling a lot easier but also prevents the drill from wandering off and making a non-cylindrical hole.

How do I know my wall is suitable for the Fryction® Pull-Up & Dip Bar?

  • By knocking on the wall you can easily hear the difference between a load-bearing wall and for example a stud wall or plaster wall. If the knock sounds solid this is likely a load-bearing wall. You can compare the sound with different walls around the house.
  • Check the architectural drawings of your apartment / or ask your landlord.
  • Check the thickness of the wall. A load-bearing wall should at least have a thickness of 10 cm.
  • Still not sure? You can try to drill a tiny hole or hammer a nail somewhere inconspicuous in the wall. If the drill doesn’t go in or the nail bends, your wall is probably concrete.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
13mm installation wrench

13mm installation wrench

Drill bits for concrete

8 and 12mm (SDS+ shank), 8 and 12mm (normal shank)

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