About us.

Our vision

We believe that by making positive changes to your physical environment, establishing and maintaining good habits becomes much easier.

Having attractive fitness equipment within reach makes it more accessible and tempting to start your workout and therefore improve your fitness lifestyle.

In most households, sports equipment is often discarded because it takes up too much valuable space. You can now do essential bodyweight exercises in your living room without bulky equipment getting in your way.

How it started

In July 2018 we found ourselves in our first brainstorming session after looking for a pull-up bar suitable for our homes. Regardless of the large amount of different products on the market, none of them met our personal criteria:

  1. No permanent commitment to indoor space.
  2. Not occupying too much space
  3. Appealing design
  4. Suitable for our homes

When we were in the process of designing the pull-up frame, one thing kept bothering us; the typical bar between the two handles. This bar made compact storage impossible. But what if this bar could be removed completely? What if this could somehow be accommodated by something else. This led to the use of friction to our advantage.

Contact us.

Thank you for visiting our website. We’d greatly appreciate your feedback about the products, website or other areas we can improve. We want to ensure we are creating a product that suits your needs and we’ll take all feedback into consideration.